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Can CrossFit really be safe?

September 09, 2016

Can CrossFit really be safe?


As I am writing this Google has just over half a million links when you type in CrossFit dangerous. But its Google, tooth brushing dangerous has over 600,000 links hahaha. The real truth is any physical activity you participate in will increase your chance of experiencing an injury either minor or major. But what’s the alternative? Critical health problems, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Lower quality of life as you age. So believe me the reward of staying active far outweigh the risks. Here are a few reasons why CrossFit may be the safer fitness program after all.

Now I can appreciate the thirty something year old who is trying to take control of their own health and wellness. But one of the leading reasons people hurt themselves with any type of physical training is the lack of knowledge. Either doing movements incorrectly, not really sure on what to do, using bad form or simply overdoing it. In a CrossFit environment not only is every session preplanned by a CrossFit coach but they are with you from start to finish during every session. They are there to answer questions, help with movements, replace movements if necessary. And most importantly KEEP YOU SAFE!! Being in a CrossFit environment takes out all of the guess work. Not just on “what should I be doing?” but also “How much should I be doing?” Coaches spend time learning all of the member’s strengths and weaknesses. So member and coach are always working together to expand on strengths and improve on weaknesses over time.

Remember the hardest part is always getting started. And if you have read this far I can assure you, that at least to some degree most of our members had some concern about injuries when the first looked into getting involved in CrossFit. And I don’t have a bunch of science experiments or fancy equations to try and prove my point. This is from my personal experience as a CrossFit member, then Coach and now in my fourth year as a General manager of a CrossFit facility.


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